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My Favorite Favorite Things

My Favorite Favorite Things

Tracking John Coltrane’s lyrical figurations and abstractions in his transformation of the original Broadway tune My Favorite Things.

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

Listen here.

This sound-work tracks John Coltrane’s transformative tracking of the original Rodgers and Hammerstein song My Favorite Things through the lyrical inflections of the original Broadway production starring Mary Martin. For an extended discussion of the project see “John Coltrane’s Sample and Scratch” in Tectonic Acts of Desire and Doubt (Architectural Association, 2012).

Symposium Radio Interview: M. Rakatansky’s My Favorite Favorite Things, September 2014, Transmission Arts, Produced by Manuel Cirauqui.

From the radio station:

Mark Rakatansky speaks about the sound investigation behind his essay “John Coltrane’s Sample and Scratch,” included in his book Tectonic Acts of Desire and Doubt (Architectural Association, 2012). Presented at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart in 2002, Rakatansky’s My Favorite Favorite Things is an example of theory in action—a sound experiment revealing John Coltrane’s parametrical methods of composition, and the author’s unique approach to design, scholarship, and art. This special issue of Symposium marks the world premiere of Rakatansky’s My Favorite Favorite Things on the radio.